Yoku Hayakawa

Session 1: Gastric Cancer: From Science To the Clinic
(Tue 08:30 – 10:30 Arena 1B)
Presentation Title: Nerves in Gastric Cancer
(09:20 – 09:40)
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Yoku Hayakawa, M.D., Ph.D
Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo

Dr. Hayakawa is a gastroenterologist who works on translational gastrointestinal cancer research. He has been trained as a postdoctoral researcher at Timothy Wang lab in Columbia University, and is now conducting his own research projects as an assistant professor in the University of Tokyo. His research focus is to explore the molecular mechanisms regulating gastrointestinal stem cell niche and tumor microenvironment, in particular nerve-cancer interaction, and to establish new therapies against GI cancers using preclinical mouse models. Accordingly, he has published several noteworthy works with Timothy Wang’s help (Hayakawa Y et al, Cancer Cell 2015, Hayakawa Y et al, Nat Rev Cancer 2016, Hayakawa Y et al, Cancer Cell 2017).

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